Physics First Starter

       The links below are resources used prior to and during the transition the "Physics First" science sequence at a 1100 student urban high school focused on college preparation.

This page provides the key dates during the implementation of the Physics First Sequence.  This version of the web page now reveals comparisons using ACT© and AP© performance before, during and then after implementation of the "Physics First" sequence at McGill-Toolen Catholic High School.
Introduction to Physics First Presentation: 
       This is the presentation to the staff, administration school board and parents explaining "Physics First" and to sell the sequence as a possible benefit to the school.  The school previously sequenced Biology, Chemistry and then Physics as an elective in the senior year.
Action Research:
      Research prior to, during and after the transition to "Physics First".  The focus is on learning about those programs that were manage…

Research and Experiences

ALAAPT14.pdfImpact on AP, ACT & External Assessments  (T. Burgess....Presented at Alabama AAPT Section Meeting 2014) APNC13Anal.pdfImpact of Phyics 1st on AP Sciences  (T. Burgess....Presented at AP National Conference, Las Vegas 2013) ReasMath12.pdfHigher Math & Reasoning Scores Noted  (Schuchardt, Malone....Published at NARST Conference) MTACT12.pdf Higher ACT Scores as Physics First Implemented  (Tim Burgess, Kerry Goff, Rebecca Hyre....McGill-Toolen, Mobile AL) MTAPEn13.pdf      Higher AP Enrollment & Performance (T. Burgess, K. Goff, R. Hyre....McGill-Toolen, Mobile AL) MTAPBio11.pdf     AP Biology Students Learn More with Less! (T. Burgess & K. Goff, McGill-Toolen of  Mobile, AL) MTChem10.pdf     Chemistry Students with Physics 9 Learn More (T Burgess, R. Hyre, K Goff,  McGill-Toolen of  Mobile, AL)

Physics Team Victory in 2017!

       Since fully implementing Physics First in 2012 the Physics Team from McGill-Toolen has won 3rd place or higher among all schools at the regional (multi-state attended) University of Alabama High School Physics Competition (over the 5 of 6 years since). McGill-Toolen has won first in their division for 5 consecutive years.  Prior to the implementation of Physics First the school had participated but never won at the competition.        All the Physics First classes were initially taught with Physics teachers trained in modeling.  Presently ALL of the Physics Team members on the winning teams (all past and present) went through the modeling based Honors Physics class as freshman (no exceptions in 5 years).  Five team members won individual medals (and qualified for a scholarship) in the last six years.

University of Alabama Ferguson Center 
        McGill-Toolen Catholic High School took part in th…

Physics Team Championship in 2016!

McGill-Toolen Catholic High School took part in the 40th annual University of Alabama High School Physics Competition at the Ferguson Student Center on Friday January 29, 2016 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  The competition had more than 22 public, private and magnet schools registered, 34 teams posted and more than 307 registered physics students (mostly seniors) from schools in Mississippi and Alabama vying for trophies, awards, medals and scholarships.  This high stakes Physics competition is the oldest, longest running and most prestigious Physics competition in the region and annually attracts the highest quality science programs and the best students in the southeast region of the United States.  
     The Jackets won 1st in the Private School Division and also 2nd Place in the Private School Division with an all female C-Team.  The McGill-Toolen A-Team when into an overtime "Blitz" to take 1st Place Overall Teams in all divisions (Public, Private and Math Science Magnet Scho…